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    Washin' Guys Team
    Washin' Guys Team

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    Are You In Search of Rug Cleaning in San Mateo?

    If you live in San Mateo or work in an office and are looking for rug cleaning services, then you are at the right place. Washin’ Guys provides services for rug cleaning San Mateo. We work efficiently to ensure quality results that inspire you and leave your rugs looking cleaner and brighter. Our team is
    professionally trained and they do their job making sure your rugs remain free from any damage. We Present You Multiple Services. By hiring us you are going to experience the best cleaning services ever. Washin’ Guys offers a
    wide array of services for rug cleaning San Mateo and work eagerly to meet your expectations.

    • Commercial Cleaning
    • Residential Cleaning
    • Regular Cleaning
    • Occasional Cleaning

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     We will clean, shampoo, sanitize, deodorize and dry. All inclusive.


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    Why You Should Consider Us?

    Washin’ Guys honorably carries more than 10 years of field experience in providing services for Rug cleaning San Mateo and nearby residents both on domestic and commercial properties. Our experienced team only applies certified and approved cleaning strategies for your rugs keeping in mind their elegance does not suffer. We guarantee you 100% quality results leaving no mark or any other impurity and present you the rugs looking new and fresher. We offer you totally budget friendly pricing.

    Washin' Guys Team

    Our Services Include:

    Professional and Skillful Team Members

    Our workers are highly trained and professionally
    reliable. They have expertise in cleaning all types of rugs and removing all types of pollutants. Combining their experience and special techniques, they work actively to get the job done. After observing the working place and specific rug type, Washin’ Guys team implement peculiar technique to avoid any damage. We are determined to provide you best result in the minimum time.

    Remove Stains, Dirt, Allergens & Foul Smell

    We know your rugs may look bad for different reasons. Dust particles overshadow their natural glow and make them look older. Multiple stains and unwanted patterns change their genuine appearance. Pet odor leave your rugs unbearable. We discourage these impurities and are expert in eliminating all of them. After our work, we ensure you the cleaner, refresher and vibrant rugs.

    In Place Cleaning & Application of Advanced Techniques

    Cleaning is done at the very place your rug is placed, don’t need to carry it at different places. We know conventional cleaning processes do not work on stubborn patterns, tough stains and deeply residing particles. We use state-of-art equipment and leading techniques to provide the
    best result.

    Expert In Cleaning All Types of Rugs

    We provide our services for all varieties of rug cleaning San Mateo. Persian rugs, oriental rugs, cotton & silk rugs, short & long fiber rugs, our job is for all of them. By applying the most suitable technique with specially designed tools, our team is expert in intensive cleaning. When required, we go for a more polite approach as rugs are more
    delicate and need special care.

    Use of Kid, Pet and Ecofriendly Products

    All of our techniques and products are fully safe and
    reliable for kids, pets and the environment. In addition, they have quick dry time that means soon
    after the cleaning is done, you are welcome to breathe in the cleaner and pleasant surroundings.

    Budget Friendly & Economic Pricing

    Our rates are reasonable. Washin’ Guys believe in fair and upfront dealings. We serve our clients to give the best possible result in a comfortable way
    without emptying their pocket. 

    Easy to Reach & Punctual 

    We respect our clients and value their time! It’s really easy to approach us. We arrive on time and complete our job in a timely and efficient way. You don’t need to wait long to get your desired result. You will be able to enjoy a cleaner and safer environment as soon as possible.

    FAQs about Rug Cleaning San Mateo

    How often should I get my rug professionally cleaned?

    On an average, after every 6-12 months your rugs must get a professional cleaning in order to
    restore their beauty and increase their durability.

    What types of rugs do you clean?

    We are expert in cleaning all types of rugs including cotton & silk rugs. Persian rugs, thick and
    thin fiber rugs and oriental rugs.

    Why our rugs require professional cleaning?

    Professional process on a regular basis is necessary for the deep and complete cleaning of rugs
    because vacuuming does not perform the entire job. They must look cleaner, safer and vibrant
    and that is only possible by professional cleaning

    Are you looking for Rug Cleaning in San Mateo?

    Rugs are excessively used for decorating floors at homes and in offices. Therefore their maintenance and cleaning is inevitable to preserve the pleasant look of your place. As in most cases, they consist of heavy fur and thick fiber so they are inclined to capture a lot of dust particles and other impurities that impose a dusty and shady look. These unclean rugs interfere with the overall look of space around you. These rugs like other materials require
    regular and in-depth cleaning that can be done only by the right persons who are professionally trained. So Contact us for Rug Cleaning in San Mateo.

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