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    Washin' Guys Team

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    Our services include:
    ● Expert technicians and professional team members
    ● Dedicated and reliable workers
    ● Implementation of specialized and latest tools
    ● Usage of non-toxic solutions that are secure for children and pets
    ● Budget friendly and clear pricing
    ● More than 10 years of working experience
    ● We ensure quality work and satisfied results
    ● Cleaning services for both commercial and domestic fields

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    carpet cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    The highly-trained professional carpet cleaners at Washin' Guys take an individualized approach to carpet cleaning. We can clean your carpets right where they are. We guarantee a thorough clean for all kinds of carpets.

    Upholstery cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning

    We provide professional upholstery cleaning so that you can live a cleaner, healthier life. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering an unmatched customer experience and producing exceptional results.

    Rug Cleaning

    Rug Cleaning

    The highly-trained professional rug cleaners at Washin' Guys take an individualized approach to rug cleaning. We can clean your rugs right where they are. We guarantee a thorough clean for all kinds of rugs.
    spot cleaning

    Spot Cleaning

    Wine stain, coffee, rust, inks... No problem, we can, remove completely or most of it. Our expert topical stain removal uses professional-grade spot and stain removers that are applied to the surface fibers.

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     We will clean, shampoo, sanitize, deodorize and dry. All inclusive.


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    Carpet Cleaning in Belmont

    Carpets are used to decorate and protect the floors. Neat and Clean carpets are not only important for the pleasant look but also essential to maintain the good hygiene in the surrounding environment as many allergic agents and germs can get deep into them and pose health risks. To avoid this, one must vacuum the carpet on a regular basis so they don’t become a good welcoming place for uninvited guests. But vacuuming only is not enough to restore the dusty and shady carpets. They need deep cleaning done by expert professions in order to recover their original radiance. 

    Are you in need to find out the best cleaning services for your carpets, rugs and upholstery in Belmont and nearby areas? Then you have come to the right one! Washin’ Guys is here to help you out and to provide you the best services for Belmont carpet cleaning. Our diligent team of experts is devoted to provide quality work and the best possible
    result. We make sure that our clients have made the right choice by investing their money in the right place. Washin’ Guys is expert at dealing with all types of spots, odors and allergens. We provide cleaning services for following types of impurities;


    Spot and Stain Cleaning

    In time, carpets develop areas of higher wear and tear. Most often, they are in high-traffic areas
    where people tend to walk more; however, they can also be around a dining table, in front of a
    couch, etc. In some cases, stains develop slowly over time, as dirty feet repeatedly pass over a particular
    spot. There are other stains that develop within a few seconds, such as when an elbow knocks
    over a tea cup or a plate of fries sizzled with tomato ketchup. We specialize in deep cleaning
    stained carpets, no matter what the source may be. Cleaning agents that we use penetrate deep into carpet fibers. By breaking down the stain on a molecular level, the agent can free the carpet of the stain.


    Various Allergens

    As air carrying the minute dust particles passes through the carpet, these invisible particles get trapped in carpets and may cause allergies and other breathing issues too. Removing these microscopic agents is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Washin’ Guys work to eliminate them through services they provide for Belmont carpet cleaning. Our solutions work to completely eliminate them and giving you cleaner and safer end product.


    Several Dyes

    Carpets may get stained with different dyes that are hard to be removed by ordinary cleaning
    methods and they present an overall bad show. Working to remove these stubborn dyes, our
    technicians are skilled to deal with all types of dyes too.


    Pet Odor and Fur

    Some people love to keep pets and feel a sense of warmth while cuddling their pet friend.
    Presence of these pets enhances the need for a professional cleaning of your carpets as their hair
    is likely to penetrate the carpet fiber as they shed. Their scent glands also secrete a smell that is
    sometimes nasty to bear and live with. Washin’ Guys has served their clients by providing
    services or Belmont carpet cleaning in this regard too. We make sure your happy and safe
    co-existence with your pets!

    Rug Cleaning Belmont

    Your rugs also need a professional cleaning so their natural radiance does not blur out. Washin’ Guys also provides services for Belmont area rug cleaning. We are qualified to treat all types of rugs you may have. Persian rugs, oriental rugs, cotton and silk rugs all are dealt with great care. We also provide carpet cleaning in San Bruno.

    Upholstery Cleaning Belmont

    Our services for Belmont upholstery cleaning will leave your stuff free from all sorts of spots,
    dyes, germs and foul smell. We apply such safe procedures so your product does not suffer any
    harm and you enjoy a cleaner surroundings around you.

    FAQs about Belmont Carpet Cleaning

     Why do our carpets need a professional cleaning?

    Carpets need to get a detailed professional cleaning as ordinary and conventional methods of
    cleaning can not deal with the deeply penetrated allergens, tough spots and stains etc. 

    How often do I need to professionally clean the carpet?

    Generally in normal conditions carpets do need a professional cleaning after every 6-12 months.  Contact us for Belmont Carpet cleaning.

    What types of Rugs do you clean?

    We clean all types of rugs. Persian rugs, silk and cotton rugs, oriental rugs, we clean all of them.

    washin' guys team member in Redwood City
    washin' guys team member in Redwood City

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    The knowledge, training, and experience we’ve gained working on homes and commercial properties will give you peace of mind.

    No matter what type of pet stain, dye, soiling, or traffic pattern you have, we can clean it! As a result, our carpet cleaning technicians will always leave your carpets cleaner and fresher! We eliminate dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses from your carpet, making your home safer for children and pets.