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    Washin' Guys Team
    Washin' Guys Team

    The Best Carpet Cleaning in Menlo Park

    We are expert in home & office cleaning

    Are you looking for a whole-service cleaning agency in or near Menlo Park for your carpets,
    area rugs and upholstery cleaning? Are you interested in giving them a thorough professional
    cleaning with the best guaranteed results and also in an economic pricing? Yes, then we are the
    best choice for your search!
    Washin’ Guys is determined to provide the best cleaning services for your homes and offices!
    We offer our services for Carpet Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning,Upholstery Cleaning and Spot Cleaning in Menlo Park. We are expert in taking off every type of dirt, debris, allergens, spots and odors from your carpets
    giving them a newer fresher look!

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    • Residential Cleaning
    • Regular Cleaning
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    Our Quick Carpet Cleaning Services in Menlo Park

    Get quick cleaning for your Home, Office or Apartment

    carpet cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    The highly-trained professional carpet cleaners at Washin' Guys take an individualized approach to carpet cleaning. We can clean your carpets right where they are. We guarantee a thorough clean for all kinds of carpets.

    Upholstery cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning

    We provide professional upholstery cleaning so that you can live a cleaner, healthier life. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering an unmatched customer experience and producing exceptional results.

    Rug Cleaning

    Rug Cleaning

    The highly-trained professional rug cleaners at Washin' Guys take an individualized approach to rug cleaning. We can clean your rugs right where they are. We guarantee a thorough clean for all kinds of rugs.
    spot cleaning

    Spot Cleaning

    Wine stain, coffee, rust, inks... No problem, we can, remove completely or most of it. Our expert topical stain removal uses professional-grade spot and stain removers that are applied to the surface fibers.

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    What We Can Do for you?


    All Carpet Cleaning Services

     We will clean, shampoo, sanitize, deodorize and dry. All inclusive.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    At Washin' Guys, we vow to complete your services right or it’s free!


    What Makes Us Top Rated Cleaning Company?

    ● Professionally trained and skilled team members who are dedicated to put their best efforts and to provide top quality results

    ● All our members are certified and equipped with modern techniques
    ● We use modern tools to treat the uncleanliness on carpets, area rugs and upholstery
    ● We are expert in cleaning all types of stains, debris, dirt particles, allergens, nasty
    patterns and unpleasant smells
    ● Apply non-toxic chemicals for cleaning purposes making sure all living beings around
    you stay safe and your kids and pets do not get harmed
    ● We believe time is wealth so we strictly observe punctuality in our job and show
    cooperative and friendly behavior to our clients
    ● Washin’ Guys offers services for carpet cleaning Menlo Park in a fully economic way.
    Our clients feel rest assured their cleaning will be done without disturbing their
    budget.We do not have any hidden fee or extra charges. We offer an upfront dealing
    ● Washin’ Guys has won the trust of dozens of clients by giving them quality guaranteed
    output and the best services for carpet cleaning Menlo Park
    ● Our journey has witnessed more than 10 years of excellence and we utilize our
    experience in our work so our clients may get maximum advantage
    ● We perform in-place cleaning that means your carpets, area rugs and upholstery items
    are treated at the very place you have put them. To avoid disturbance, we do not transport
    them at different places
    ● Our technicians after detailed analysis, implement special procedures to clean your
    carpets, rugs and upholstery. We are expert to deal with all types of fabrics and stuff
    ● We take special care during our cleanings so clients’ stuff do not get damaged
    ● After our cleaning, Our clients feel happy and satisfy to see their carpets exhibiting a
    cleaner and glowing appearance and experience an overall healthy pleasant environment
    ● Washin’ Guys has gained trust in providing services for carpet cleaning Menlo Park both
    for homes and in offices. We have encountered and overcome both domestic and
    commercial challenges

    Rug Cleaning Menlo Park

    We can revive your dirty rugs that are giving you a repulsive feeling. Rugs are spread for their
    elegance and to create a warmer look in your surroundings. So to keep their elegance intact and
    enhance their lifespan, Washin’ Guys offers its professional services for area rug cleaning Menlo
    Park. All types of rugs are cleaned by us whether you have persian, oriental, silk or cotton rugs.
    You can trust us for all of them. Washin’ Guys also offers carpet cleaning in Millbrae.

    Upholstery Cleaning Menlo Park

    Washin’ Guys also presents services for upholstery cleaning Menlo Park. We take care of your upholstery
    items and work to give them a complete professional cleaning so they are restored to their natural look
    and appear cleaner and safer than ever! 

    FAQs about Carpet Cleaning Menlo Park

    How frequently do our carpets need a professional cleaning? 

    Your carpets need a professional cleaning after every 6-12 months in normal circumstances.
    More often cleaning is recommended if they get polluted very often. 

    How much time do you take to clean the carpet?

    On average, Washin’ Guys take 2-3 hours to clean the carpet. 

    What types of Rugs do you clean?

    We are experts in cleaning all types of rugs. Persian rugs, silk and cotton rugs, oriental rugs, we clean all of them.

    washin' guys team member in Redwood City
    washin' guys team member in Redwood City

    Trained & Certified

    We are formed with experienced

    Our Experience will Benefit You!

    The knowledge, training, and experience we’ve gained working on homes and commercial properties will give you peace of mind.

    No matter what type of pet stain, dye, soiling, or traffic pattern you have, we can clean it! As a result, our carpet cleaning technicians will always leave your carpets cleaner and fresher! We eliminate dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses from your carpet, making your home safer for children and pets.