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    Washin' Guys Team
    Washin' Guys Team

    The Best Carpet Cleaning in Millbrae

    We are expert in home & office cleaning

    Do you think your carpets need to be replaced by new one or your upholstery has worn out?
    Have your rugs lost their graceful appearance?
    No need to spend money on buying new items for your place when we are here to assist you! Washin’ Guys has full expertise in complete professional cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery items. Our cleaning services will renew your stuff giving them a completely new and fresher look. Washin’ Guys offers you the best services for carpet cleaning Millbrae.  Our skilled team of experts is dedicated to satisfy our clients with quality work and guaranteed results. 

    Washin’ Guys takes on every challenge your carpets are polluted with. Having top standard expertise, we are qualified in removing all types of unwanted substances. We offer our services to remove;

    ● Hard Stains and tough stains
    ● Deep-gone dust debris
    ● Numerous allergens
    ● Pet odors and fur
    ● Multiple dyes

    • Commercial Cleaning
    • Residential Cleaning
    • Regular Cleaning
    • Occasional Cleaning

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    Our Quick Carpet Cleaning Services in Millbrae

    Get quick cleaning for your Home, Office or Apartment

    carpet cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    The highly-trained professional carpet cleaners at Washin' Guys take an individualized approach to carpet cleaning. We can clean your carpets right where they are. We guarantee a thorough clean for all kinds of carpets.

    Upholstery cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning

    We provide professional upholstery cleaning so that you can live a cleaner, healthier life. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering an unmatched customer experience and producing exceptional results.

    Rug Cleaning

    Rug Cleaning

    The highly-trained professional rug cleaners at Washin' Guys take an individualized approach to rug cleaning. We can clean your rugs right where they are. We guarantee a thorough clean for all kinds of rugs.
    spot cleaning

    Spot Cleaning

    Wine stain, coffee, rust, inks... No problem, we can, remove completely or most of it. Our expert topical stain removal uses professional-grade spot and stain removers that are applied to the surface fibers.

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    What We Can Do for you?


    All Carpet Cleaning Services

    We will clean, shampoo, sanitize, deodorize and dry. All inclusive.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    At Washin' Guys, we vow to complete your services right or it’s free!


    Why Should You Consider Washin’ Guys for Cleaning Purpose?

    Professional and Expert Team You Can Trust On

    Our technicians are highly qualified and skilled with the latest techniques. After inspecting and
    analyzing the job, they start the procedure and carry out the cleaning with great effort. Their
    punctuality and hard work helps to get the job done on time.

    Utilization of Organic Products

    The procedures we use and solutions we apply for cleaning purposes are all secure for kids and
    pet animals. They are certified and totally authorized.

    Implementation of Latest Techniques

    By using advanced processes and latest tools, we work to ensure the complete cleaning and
    providing a flawless look to clients’ carpets, area rugs and upholstery.

    Economic Pricing

    Working with us, our clients are content that they are going to have a stranded professional
    cleaning in a budget that does not empty their pockets. Washin’ Guys offers a fair and relatively
    low pricing service for carpet cleaning Millbrae.

    10 Years of Field Experience

    Washin’ Guys has been providing cleaning services in Millbrae and nearby areas for more than
    10 years. It speaks for our trust in our clients.

    On-Place Cleaning

    We offer cleaning services for your carpets, upholstery and rugs on the very place where they are
    so shifting them does not bother your routine chores. We are also providing carpet cleaning in Menlo Park.

    We Ensure 100% Guaranteed Result

    Our expert team of professional individuals work restlessly by implementing the specific procedures to bring 100% guaranteed results to our clients. We make sure our work does not harm your items and at the end you only enjoy the cleaner and safer surroundings.

    Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Services

    Washin’ Guys extends its services for carpet cleaning Millbrae both in domestic and commercial
    grounds. Our team successfully carries jobs for their customers whether they call us for cleaning
    their homes or offices. In both cases, our clients feel happy working with us and leave us positive

    Washin' Guys Team

    Rug Cleaning Millbrae

    Our cleaning services for rug cleaning Millbrae offers top quality work and guarantee results to our customers. We are experienced to deal with all types of rugs. Persian rugs, oriental rugs, silk and cotton rugs, all come in different forms. Some are of short fibers while others are made up of long and thick fibers. Our clients are promised to get their desired result with insurance by hiring us for area rug cleaning Millbrae, their rugs remain free from any damage so they enjoy the lively feeling around them.

    Upholstery Cleaning Millbrae

    Upholstery may be the ignored item that also requires a deep professional cleaning as they receive a lot of dust particles and sometimes extremely hard stains and nasty smells too. So there is a need to get them a professional cleaning too. Washin’ Guys extends its service for upholstery cleaning Millbrae too. We are here for all your needs for cleaning purposes!

    FAQs about Carpet Cleaning San Bruno

    How long does it take to clean the carpet?

    2-3 hours are required in general to professionally clean the carpet. Various factors contribute to
    the duration.

    What type of cleaning services do you offer?

    Washin’ Guys extends its services for carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning services both for
    domestic and commercial purposes.

    What method do you use?

    Shampooing method is used by us to clean the carpets with vacuum. Furthermore, it helps to significantly increase the lifetime of your carpets.

    washin' guys team member in Redwood City
    washin' guys team member in Redwood City

    Trained & Certified

    We are formed with experienced

    Our Experience will Benefit You!

    The knowledge, training, and experience we’ve gained working on homes and commercial properties will give you peace of mind.

    No matter what type of pet stain, dye, soiling, or traffic pattern you have, we can clean it! As a result, our carpet cleaning technicians will always leave your carpets cleaner and fresher! We eliminate dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses from your carpet, making your home safer for children and pets.