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    Washin' Guys Team
    Washin' Guys Team

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    Our services for Rug Cleaning Redwood City which you are going to have:

    • Professionally trained and diligent staff
    • Special techniques and equipment for most effective cleaning process
    • Deep cleaning in shortest possible time
    • Usage of environmental friendly, pet and kid safe products
    • Eradicate all types of stains, living & non-living allergens, dust particles and bad odors
    • Transparent payment process excluding any hidden fee
    • Commercial Cleaning
    • Residential Cleaning
    • Regular Cleaning
    • Occasional Cleaning

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     We will clean, shampoo, sanitize, deodorize and dry. All inclusive.


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    Over 10 Years Of Experience in Rug Cleaning Redwood City

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    Washin’ Guys team has been associated with rug cleaning process for more than 10 years. During this time we have proved ourselves both in home and commercial level. We are familiar with different sorts of challenges one may encounter during the cleaning process and also techs to overcome them. You can happily rely on us to get your rugs cleaned and making them look vibrant, cleaner and refresher.

    Top quality result with greater satisfaction is what we guarantee our clients.

    Washin' Guys Team

    We Ensure you Guaranteed Result!

    Washin’ Guys team is expert in excluding all types of unpleasant stuff from rugs. We put our sheer efforts to satisfy our clients and win their trust. If they something wrong after we have completed the job, we gently approach them again and do what is necessary. We aim to make your site cleaner for you and your family. We are offering Rug cleaning and Carpet Cleaning in San Mateo and Redwood City.

    Skilled To Clean All Types Of Rugs

    Having much experience, advanced cleaning strategies and trained staff, our team is eligible to be hired for cleaning all types of rugs. We use specially designed tools and apply particular techniques that fi best for the type of rug you wish to be cleaned. When required, we use more delicate approach for cleaning. Persian rugs, oriental rugs, cotton & silk

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    FAQs about Rug Cleaning Redwood City

    How often do the rugs need to be cleaned?

    It is recommended to get you rugs cleaned after every 6-12 months. Professional cleaning is needed for once a year for detailed cleaning that also likely to extends their life time.

    What type of rugs you clean?

    Our team is expert in cleaning all sorts of rugs including Persian rugs, oriental rugs, cotton and silk rug, long pile, short pile etc.

    Are professional rug cleaners worth it?

    Self-cleaning is not enough and only vacuuming does not do the job. You need a professional cleaning procedure to get rid of deep gone dust particles, stubborn patterns, long existing stains and bad odors.

    Are you looking for Rug Cleaning in Redwood City?

    Washin’ Guys offers you best and a wide range of services for Rug cleaning Redwood City. Our staff comprises of highly trained and determined technicians who are professionally trust worthy. They are skilled to clean all types of rugs including synthetic, cotton, silk or any other type while maintaining their elegance. We offer Rug Cleaning for San Mateo too.

    After analyzing your rugs, our staff applies peculiar procedures with specialized tools suitable for the type of rugs you have. While carrying out the cleaning procedure, special attention is paid to preserve the original color, fabric and elegance of the rugs. So at the end you will get cleaner, fresher and safer rugs free from all types of displeasing things.

    Because we value your stuff and investment!

    We do our cleaning process right at your site, free from burden to carry the rugs at different places.

    Redwood City

    Rug Cleaning

    Rugs are often put down to protect the flooring and also esthetically enhance the floor decor, but in the meantime, they are likely to encounter a lot of foot traffic. Therefore, rugs are prone to capture different types of germs, dirt particles, allergens and sometimes hard stains and undesired odors too.

    To free your rugs from unwanted substances vacuuming is the easiest approach applicable at homes but for deep and thorough cleaning, you need more than just vacuuming. Moreover, rugs are delicate and they need special care and cleaning. That’s why regular Professional Rug cleaning in Redwood City is recommended to make your rugs look cleaner and fresher.