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    Washin' Guys Team
    Washin' Guys Team

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    We are expert in home & office cleaning

    By Hiring us for Carpet Cleaning San Mateo, you will get many benefits!

    ● Quick and genuine cleaning services
    ● Eco-Friendly products that are harmless for your family and pets
    ● Trusted and up-to-date equipment
    ● Advanced techniques
    ● Work to eliminate all types of debris, spots and odors
    ● Affordable and fair pricing
    ● In-place cleaning of your carpets, rugs and upholstery
    ● Friendly and cooperative staff
    ● Punctuality in our working, we show up and complete the job on time
    ● Washin’ Guys provides quality work
    ● We ensure 100% guarantee output
    ● Provides cleaning services for both homes and for offices
    ● Expert in cleaning carpets, area rugs and upholstery

    ● Reliable & Professional team of Experts 

    ● Working experience of more than 10 years in San Mateo and neighbouring areas

    • Commercial Cleaning
    • Residential Cleaning
    • Regular Cleaning
    • Occasional Cleaning

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    Our Quick Carpet Cleaning Services in San Mateo


    Get quick cleaning for your Home, Office or Apartment 

    carpet cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    The highly-trained professional carpet cleaners at Washin' Guys take an individualized approach to carpet cleaning. We can clean your carpets right where they are. We guarantee a thorough clean for all kinds of carpets.

    Upholstery cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning

    We provide professional upholstery cleaning so that you can live a cleaner, healthier life. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering an unmatched customer experience and producing exceptional results.

    Rug Cleaning

    Rug Cleaning

    The highly-trained professional rug cleaners at Washin' Guys take an individualized approach to rug cleaning. We can clean your rugs right where they are. We guarantee a thorough clean for all kinds of rugs.
    spot cleaning

    Spot Cleaning

    Wine stain, coffee, rust, inks... No problem, we can, remove completely or most of it. Our expert topical stain removal uses professional-grade spot and stain removers that are applied to the surface fibers.

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    All Carpet Cleaning Services

    Our carpet cleaning team will dust, wash, vacuum and scrub while you're out enjoying some free time.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    At Washin' Guys, we vow to complete your services right or it’s free!


    Over 10 Years’ Experience Regarding Carpet Cleaning in San Mateo

    Having been associated with carpet cleaning San Mateo for more than a decade, we use our experience to assist our work and to benefit our clients. Our expert team is experienced to free your carpets from all types of unwanted substances. We confidently aim to continue our journey winning our customers’ hearts offering services both in homes and in offices. You can easily trust us to get your carpets cleaned. Our work speaks for ourselves! Latest techniques, Qualified and expert team who is dedicated to provide you quality ensure result and our budget friendly pricing make us your best choice for carpet cleaning San Mateo.

    Washin' Guys Team

    Our Cleaning Services for Carpets in San Mateo

    Remove deep-gone dust particles

    Carpets may give a dusty or shady look because of dust particles that penetrate deep into the fabric and not easily detach themselves. Vacuuming is not enough in such conditions. They need special techniques and trained experts. We do this job for you and work to eliminate these tough dust particles

    Remove Multiple Stains

    Sometimes carpets may become stained by hard substances that do not easily leave them. Washin’ Guys, use special solutions to remove them.

    Long-Existing Patterns

    Undesired and uninvited patterns that make your carpets look awful, are not a thing to worry anymore. We have a comprehensive solution for this issue that is definitely going to please you.

    Remove various Allergens

    Our carpet cleaning services also exclude numerous allergens that reside within the carpets and directly causing health risks.

    Remove Pet Odors

    Carpets polluted by different pets’ odor may irritate you and disturb your routine. We extend our cleaning services to deodorize the carpets and restore the pleasant environment for you and your family to live in.

    Highly Trained And Competent Staff

    Our skilled staff is professionally trained. They do their job strenuously to make sure our customers are satisfied. Our team inspect the area of working and after analyzing the job, start the cleaning procedure. Cleaning is done right at the place where your carpet is. We use a more delicate approach when needed. Washin’ Guys is determined to ensure approved results in the shortest possible time. Our diligent team has proved themselves both in homes and the commercial sector. Washin’ Guys is providing comprehensive services for carpet cleaning San Mateo. We believe in quality work and to gain our client’s trust. We also provide carpet cleaning in South San Francisco.

    FAQs about Carpet Cleaning San Mateo

    How often do I need to get my carpet cleaned?

    Normally for good maintenance you must get your carpet professionally cleaned twice a year or
    at least after every 6-12 months.

    How long does the carpet cleaning process take?

    It usually takes 2-3 hour for the complete cleaning procedure but exact time varies depending on
    various factors.

    Why does my carpet need a professional cleaning?

    Detailed and in-depth cleaning is not practical at home as it demands for expert technicians and
    special procedure. Moreover, it helps to enhance the lifetime of your carpets

    washin' guys team member in Redwood City
    washin' guys team member in Redwood City

    Trained & Certified

    We are formed with experienced

    Our Experience will Benefit You!

    The knowledge, training, and experience we’ve gained working on homes and commercial properties will give you peace of mind.

    No matter what type of pet stain, dye, soiling, or traffic pattern you have, we can clean it! As a result, our carpet cleaning technicians will always leave your carpets cleaner and fresher! We eliminate dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses from your carpet, making your home safer for children and pets.

    Use of State-of-Art Equipment and Advanced Techniques

    We are familiar with different challenges in the carpet cleaning process. We don’t rely upon conventional methods, instead exercise the most advanced systems to make sure your carpets look cleaner than before. Specially designed tools and result experts’ backed procedures, help us to give you flawless output. Special attention is paid to our customers’ care and their belongings. Washin’ guys make sure your stuff remains unharmed.

    Washin’ Guys Is Offering High Quality And Best Services For Carpet Cleaning San Mateo!

    Flooring is a good investment to enhance the beauty, giving your floor an elegant look. As these carpets beautify your surroundings, they also receive a lot of foot traffic. Along with other materials and stuff, they also require regular cleaning. Because of excessive usage, carpets are likely to become heavily soiled, may get multiple stains, sometimes stubborn patterns ruin their look. If you are a pet lover, pet hair or a bad odor may interrupt their pleasant look. So in order to maintain the fresher and cleaner look of your carpets, their regular and
    professional cleaning is essential. It’s also important for safer and healthier surroundings. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in San Mateo, then your search ends here!
    Washin’ Guys are providing professional services with guaranteed result in carpet cleaning San Mateo and other neighboring communities both on domestic and commercial grounds.

    Washin' Guys Team member doing work